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    Great design requires a thoughtful process that leads to creative ideas. This is how we work. These ideas are the foundation from where we design meaningful brand identities, compelling digital experiences and powerful visual products.

    Digiful Letter D Motif Design - Graphic Brand Design


    GoFoodie brand identity visual of a delivery packaging by Ten Fathoms


    Ebtech Brand Identity Backlit Signage - Ten Fathoms


    Scawton Kitchens Animated Logo

    Scawton Kitchens

    Ten Fathoms - Fancy Hanks - Logo Design

    Fancy Hanks

    Ten Fathoms - Angrove Park - Brand


    Ten Fathoms - Sense Brand Design Work


    Ten Fathoms - Flaxton Meadows Van Livery Mock

    Flaxton Meadows

    ideas to life

    It starts with a conversation, a frank and open discussion that gets to the bottom of the creative problem waiting to be solved. This is so that when we put pencil to paper and pointer to pixel we are informed, motivated and ready to deliver. We thrive on good relationships and trust to achieve the best result. We are specialists in the following areas:

    Brand Identity
    We create brand identities that reflect the ambitions and honesty of an organisation, building loyalty and positive perceptions.
    Websites UI/UX
    We combine technical ability and creative design skills to build digital experiences that move audiences.
    Print Design
    We craft beautiful print pieces that are considered and effective, communicating key messages and that build brand awareness.

    Our clients

    Well, where would we be without clients? And we have worked with some great ones. People who have entrusted us to innovate, explore and above all come up with the goods. Here are a few shining examples:

    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - Sense
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - National Trust
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - Turning Point
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - NHS
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - SJA
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - Ryedale District Council
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - Gascoynes
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - Ambler Custom Guitars
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - Wilson Wraight
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - Shortlister
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - Ryedale Book Festival
    Ten Fathoms - Client Logo - GPM Property Management


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