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    Brand Identity

    Brand identity is the embodiment of your overall brand. It is tangible, appealing to the senses and projects vision and meaning that fuels recognition, creates differentiation and presents big ideas. Brand Identity takes individual elements and brings them together to create whole systems.

    Ten Fathoms Design Studio. A man who is the designer is reviewing a wall of design concepts whilst a woman worker in the backgrounds works at a desk

    What to expect

    It can sometimes be a daunting task to embark upon creating or even to re-create your visual identity. This is why we will guide you through each step as we endeavour to get to know your needs.

    Beyond Logos

    Yes, we do create logos, but this is just one part of your identity. Each part, whether it is fonts, colour, photography, layout, shape and more need to be considered to make sure you have an authentic visual style that permeates your marketing collateral.

    Why choose us?

    Ten Fathoms have a rich history in realising brand identities for organisations, companies and people that want to make a difference. We have helped to present them honestly and empathetically to their clients and service users. We intelligently create considered brand identities that stand the test of time and increase the value of the companies they belong to.


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