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    Ebtech provide imaginative, bespoke engineering and construction solutions to the horticultural and agricultural sectors. They forge valued relationships with their customers by giving them the best advice. Environmental sustainability is at their core, therefore the products and services they provide are centred around new renewable energy. We weaved their company DNA into the resulting brand identity, incorporating the divisions of their company into one cohesive visual presentation.

    Ebtech Brand Identity Backlit Signage - Ten Fathoms

    We do it the best way not the easiest

    Ebtech brand guide mock up by Ten Fathoms Ebtech Wall Poster Designs. Construction branded boards. Branded Materials by Ten Fathoms Ebtech branded transit van livery by Ten Fathoms Ebtech posters

    We make friends of our customers so that we provide continual and trusted support and advice
    Value Proposition

    Ebtech Brand Identity Shirt Apparel - Ten Fathoms Ebtech Brand Identity Website design- Ten Fathoms


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